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Trauma Bleeding Control


Trauma Bleeding Control is a life-saving course designed for the lay responder. Guidelines recommended by the White House’s “Stop the Bleed Campaign”. Students learn how to control arterial bleeding. Learn direct pressure or pressure dressings using tourniquets. You can prevent the loss of the limb in a bleeding emergency.    


These include natural disasters, amputation, knife or gunshot wounds. Hands on practice include bandaging, packing wounds, shock and using a tourniquet.      Someone can bleed to death in minutes. The scene is critical if damage to an artery in the leg or arm.      The Bleeding Control course takes an hour plus to complete. A trainer guides the class through hands on methods of bleeding control. Students practice placing tourniquets on an      extremity. Learn to pack a wound with gauze using both hands.      


Some feel the course is a byproduct of active shooter scenarios. Bleeding Control saves lives in other traumatic scenarios such as car wreck, amputation or punctures. In this course,      participants will learn the String of Survival. Learn the detailed use of both CAT and SWAT Tourniquet. Participants will also receive a Trauma Control Certification.      


The ‘Stop the Bleed’ campaign directed by the National Security Council Staff and The White House. The purpose is to teach basic actions to stop life threatening bleeding. Military medicine research during the Afghanistan war is the basis of the training. We now use the research to educate the general public.    


A person can die within 5-10 minutes due to uncontrolled bleeding. Proper bleeding control methods—including hand techniques, dressings, and tourniquets—can make all the difference.    

Bleeding Control


  • Can be Combined with other Class like Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Two Year Certification
  • Hands on Training
  • Certification Card
  • Fast Validation

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